So many questions are arising about the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination. When can I get one? Where? Is it safe? Here are some answers and resources to find additional information!

Who Can get the Covid-19 Vaccine?

The answer to this question usually refers to phases and where you fall into them. Phases are suggested groups, loosely guided by the federal government that states use as priority guidelines for who should receive the vaccinations and when.  The aim with the phases is to control the spread of the virus while aiding in the preservation of basic function of society.  In other words, the higher-priority groups are people who are at higher risk with severe COVID-19 symptoms or death and people who are needed to continue working. As we move through the phases, the populations become less at risk or less necessary during the current crisis. The general phases and groups are:

  • Phase 1-A Residents in Care Facilities and Health Care Personnel      
  • Phase 1-B People 75 and up and Frontline Essential Workers                           
  • Phase 1-C People 65-74 or 16-64 with High-Risk and Other Essential Workers 
  • Phase 2 General Population-People 16 and up without High-risk conditions

When Can I Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Due to the decentralized approach of the current COVID-19 vaccination rollout and the supply of available vaccines it is difficult to estimate about when you will have the ability to get vaccinated.  Your doctor may also be able to help you find out when you’ll be eligible.

Where Can I Get the Vaccine?

If you can receive the vaccine, knowing where you can receive one is the next step.  The best place to look in NJ for updated information is  You can pre-register for a vaccine at New Jersey has begun setting up mass vaccination sites throughout each county where thousands can receive a vaccination each day. There are also appointments available with commercial pharmacies. You may also check with your doctor, who should have details about places with vaccine availability.

Should I Get It When I Can?

If your doctor gives you the OK to get it, then why not? The CDC reports there are many benefits to getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Ensuring that as many people are vaccinated as possible will help get this pandemic under control. Not only will this get life back to normal quicker, but it’ll also save thousands of lives in the United States. There is also evidence that having the vaccine can lower your risk of severe symptoms, even in the rare case that you develop COVID-19.

All reputable sources have been impressively thorough in their belief that the vaccines are safe.

Will I Have to Pay Anything?

Medicare will cover the COVID-19 vaccination, and so will most other insurances, so you should not owe a dime for getting the shot.

How Do I Register for the Vaccine?

NJ Residents can register online at  For other states, please check with your local Health Department for more information.